Rockpodden Överdriv RPOD-1

Overdrive FX Pedal

The RPOD-1 effect pedal is based on the 70’s classic DOD 250, but with a couple of modifications, including the choice of chip, the asymmetric set of cutting diodes and a number of component values.

The result is an Overdrive pedal that sounds richer in scope than the original but also gives the user the opportunity to set the levels with greater precision. It has a true by-pass and a clear red indicator light on the foot switch.

The RPOD-1 is handmade in Stockholm by Jäger Musikapparatur with a unique circuit board designed and manufactured specifically for the Swedish podcast Rockpodden.

The graphic design is a rock-ish/punk/ish addition among other pedals. It stands out, but still look high end. The layout and color scheme in black, white and red both look and feel really rock ’n’ roll.

The actual artwork is printed on a vinyl decal which is then applied to the black lacquered metal box.


  • Graphic Design